Open today 9:00am to 5:00pm

Expires 2/3/2021

Get ready for Boost's newest (and potentially craziest) smoothies to date!

Taking all of your favourite fruit flavours and adding a dash of .... SAUCE?! 

That's right! Boost's new range brings all of those saucy summer BBQ flavours straight to your straws!

SMOKEY MANGO BBQ – What's better than a ripe, juicy mango? One that’s been flame grilled to smokey perfection. This seriously good smoothie knocks you straight in the face like Dad’s infamous charred lamb chops... succulent and sure to keep you coming back for more!

BALSAMIC STRAWBERRY – Sweet and sour sippers, rejoice! Boost’s Balsamic Strawberry smoothie is a saucy game changer! It’s like a fancy dressed BBQ salad that screams, ‘I’ve got my life together’, but in smoothie form.

SOY SAUCED – Sucker for a sweet and salty combo? Reach for Boost Juice’s ultimate soy sauce super blend! Made with REAL soy sauce (yes, the type that works well on those delectable little barbeque drumsticks), Boost has added a unique twist to the traditional salted caramel mix – a must try this summer. 

Sizzle your way this summer to Boost Juice with the launch of their Saucy BBQ-inspired sips today! You don’t want to miss the biggest BBQ of the year!

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